We worked together

Gael has the ability to work in fast paced, high stress, environments and has a keen eye for quality, focusing on what is important for the customer. His background in imaging and failure analysis gives him an edge when trying to debug issues and getting to the root cause quickly and accurately. […]

Gael’s initiative & commitment to customer quality motivates others to follow suit and I would highly recommend him for any role.

Gael is an outstanding engineer who has a deep understanding of image sensors, ISP architecture, algorithms, and has a keen eye for image quality.[…]

I was fortunate to have had his support for a critical project while working at Blackberry where he was the image quality lead. […]

Gael is a very reliable person with strong technical skills. For his character, he is appreciated by his team colleagues wherever he comes.

Gael always builds real engineered evaluation of technical problems and the correct technical solution. When under pressure, he is clearly evaluating the right effort to solve the problem without re-inventing the wheel.

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Y’CbCr (“YUV”) conversion – part 1

Ok this week let’s try something a little bit more useful than random manipulation of one picture. Starting from the same beautiful Yosemite picture, we will convert it from RGB color space to Y’CbCr color space. Many websites can help you to get more background on Y’CbCr color spaces, and commonly called “YUV”. I am […]