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Contrast enhancement – part 2/2

All right, now that we added some missing bricks, like Y’CbCr to RGB , we can finish our contrast enhancement started in the post Contrast enhancement – part 1/2. The goal is to tweak poor contrast images, like this one: And to make these pictures automatically and reasonably contrasted:   So let’s summarize, the idea is […]

Contrast enhancement – part 1/2

In the previous image processing posts, we built a luma histogram from a RGB picture. In the next posts, we will work on contrast enhancement. We will use the luma channel, and define 2 luma stretch points, one on the dark side, one on the bright side. So all the pixels having a luma value […]

Luma histogram

In the previous post we created 3 channels from the RGB original picture : Y’, Cb, and Cr. We will now look that the luma histogram, so using the Y’ channel computed in previous post. What is an histogram ? It is a graphical representation of the pixel value distribution in a picture. It could […]