Macro photography with a smartphone ? DIY !

Creativity is often allowing us to solve some nice problems.

Like, let say, taking macro photo without a macro lens.

Plenty of tricks exist and can best be done with interchangeable lens cameras. These tricks include : using the lens upside down, adding a lens element, using extension tubes … Many websites can explain these techniques, and I even found a dedicated flickr group: Poor-Man’s Macro.

On a smartphone, you cannot easily remove the lens of the camera module. Well, it is not that hard, but I understand you do not want to try this on your latest gadget. But adding a lens is quite easy.

So I used the “reverse mounting” technique, by adding a complete lens assembly, taken from another smartphone. I fixed it quickly, with some tape. Challenge is to center it properly. To be honest, the image circle was too small, so I had to (digital) zoom in a little bit to get filled in pictures without having to crop on the computer or editor.

Z10 and Macro Lens

Z10 and DIY Macro Lens

And it worked quite well ! See this 1mm screwdriver. The smallest I have. On the macro shot, even if DOF is so narrow, you can tell it is a crappy screwdriver … Finish is poor.

My smallest screwdriver

My smallest screwdriver

The tip as taken with my "macro" Z10

The tip as taken with my “macro” Z10

See below some pictures, you can get full res pictures by clicking on thumbnails. Focus is done at 3 or 4mm of the object, so getting light is challenging. I also did not use a tripod, and as you can see the depth of field is very narrow.

So I know the quality is not perfect, and won’t challenge a DSLR+Macro equipment and macro flash ring, but I found the proof of concept successful. By displaying these pics at 100% zoom, we can get a lot of details !

I will let you try on your side now !


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Macro photography with a smartphone ? DIY !

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  1. This post inspired me to get off the computer and go take some amazing pictures, thank you!

    James Norville April 26, 2013 at 4:24 am #